Artificial Reefs

"Our greatest reference is the installation of the biggest Portuguese artificial reef, comprising 10.200 cubic blocks of concrete weighting 3 tonnes and 120 octagonal blocks of concrete, weighting 42 tonnes, located between Praia da Oura, Albufeira and along the coast line of Tavira".

Place Description Year Client
Nazaré / Portugal Reef System Nazaré 2010 CPTP / ETERMAR
Ponta Pequena / Madeira Reef System Ponta Pequena 2006 CPTP / ETERMAR
Ponta da Galé / Madeira Reef System Ponta da GalÉ 2004 CPTP
Paul do Mar / Madeira Reef System Paul do Mar 2004 CPTP
Oura / Portugal Reef System Oura 2003 CPTP
Tavira / Portugal Reef System Tavira 2002 CPTP
Faro / Portugal Reef System Armona 2002 CPTP
Ancão / Portugal Reef System Ancão 2002 CPTP
Quarteira / Portugal Reef System Quarteira 2001 CPTP
Alvor / Portugal Reef System Alvor 2000-2001 SOMAGUE ENGENHARIA
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