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Professional Diving Services

Experience over the years has demonstrated that PROAQUÁTICA has always responded to professional diving demands with suitable solutions and acting with accuracy, quality, competence and safety:

Our services:

  • Submarine emissaries and other pipelines;
  • Artificial reefs;
  • Harbor and waterways construction /Docks/ Portage boat ramps /Rock breaking /Concreting/ Resin applications/ Repair and rehabilitation;
  • Underwater inspections /Visuals/Cctv/Rov/ Dams/ Bridges and Emissaries;
  • Demolition of underwater structures/Explosives/Underwater cutting;
  • Maritime rescue.
Mergulhadores profissionais

Rua dos Castanheiros n.º 24 1.ºDT
2810-035 Feijó

(00351) 937 600 614


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