Underwater Structures Destruction

Within this line of underwater work we are certified to perform services with underwater explosives, diamond cuts of concrete structures and underwater cut of metallic structures.

Our professional experience allows us to ensure a quality and effective service.

Place Description Year Client
Trafaria / Lisboa Terminal port wharf of Trafaria 2011-2012 CPTP
Setúbal Ferry piers of Setúbal 2008 CPTP
Rabat / Marrocos Submarine Emissary of Rabat 2008 ETERMAR / SOMAGEC / GEOCEAN
Tanger / Marrocos Testing the opening of a ditch in submarine emissary of Tanger port 2006 ETERMAR / SOMAGEC / GEOCEAN
Faro Commercial port of Faro 2003 CPTP
Mergulhadores profissionais

Praceta Damião Peres 5 - A,
2810-358 Almada
Setúbal / Portugal

(00351) 937 600 614
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