Harbor and Waterways Construction

While constructing Terminal XXI in Sines, we have shown our capacity and professionalism in executing this type of work and we have always met the agreed timelines.

Our experience in harbor and waterways construction, rehabilitation and repair of harbor structures enables us to ensure quality and competent work.

Place Description Year Client
Lisboa / Portugal Construction of the pier wall - Poente e Sul 2020 ETERMAR
Ilha do Pico / Açores Concrete manhole rings installation in São Roque do Pico 2014 ETERMAR
Ilha do Sal / Cabo Verde Modernization of the port of porto da Palmeira 2010 CPTP
Setúbal / Portugal Naval railway line construction for fighting pollution and towing to and from the port de Setúbal 2005-2006 CPTP
Figueira da Foz / Portugal Construction of the portage boat ramps in the island of Moraceira 2004 CPTP
Setúbal / Portugal Extension of the fishing wharf of Setúbal 2002 SOMAGUE / ETERMAR
Sines / Portugal Construction of the water intake in terminal lng 2002 BCP / SOMAGUE / ETERMAR
Sines / Portugal Construction of the wharf 2002 BCP / SOMAGUE / ETERMAR
Alhandra / Portugal Construction of the portage boat ramps in the urban park of Alhandra 2002 ETERMAR
Sines / Portugal Extension of the eastern wharf of the port of Sines e terminal XXI 2001-2003 BCP / SOMAGUE / ETERMAR
Bitetos Rio Douro / Portugal Construction of the tourism wharf of Bitetos 2000-2001 CPTP
Entre os Rios / Portugal Construction of the fluvial wharf of Sardoura 2000 ETERMAR
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